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Property Marking Kits

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As you may know, there have been several burglaries in the neighbourhood in recent months.

Photograph of a SelectaDNA Kit
Photograph of a SelectaDNA Kit

In response to this, the Cholmondeley and Chorley Parish Council has decided to take steps to try to deter burglars and to help residents protect their belongings from thieves should a burglary take place.

To this end, every household in the Cholmondeley and Chorley parishes is being given a SelectaDNA Home Kit.

Each kit provides for up to 50 valuable items in your home to be marked with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove.

Criminals know that DNA is one of the most powerful weapons in convicting criminals. Therefore the DNA fear-factor is highly understood and acts as a huge deterrent to theft.

Criminals view items marked with SelectaDNA as too high risk and are further put off from stealing them as they have little or no resale value.

Using SelectaDNA to mark your property is a proven theft and burglary deterrent.

SelectaDNA has been used by over 90% of UK police forces in a wide range of initiatives to reduce crime.

By prominently displaying the window stickers enclosed in this kit, thieves won’t even want to break into your home in the first place.

The kits are very straightforward to use:

Step 1 – Use SelectaDNA to mark and protect your valuable items
Step 2 – Apply warning stickers to all marked items to show your valuable items are protected
Step 3 – Register your kit online at

Image showing SelectaDNA Kit application instructions
Image showing SelectaDNA Kit application instructions

Lastly – Display window stickers in the front and rear of your property

There is a very short video available online which provides clear visual instructions for using the kit.  The video is available on youTube here.

The Parish Council is here to support you. If you have any questions or concerns, need assistance with using the kit, or need assistance registering your kit online, please send an email or a text to 07399 444992 (please note this number accepts texts only).

If you do not want the kit that has been delivered to you, please use the contact  information directly above to arrange for the kit to be collected from you, providing the kit has not been opened.  However, the Parish Council strongly recommends all residents use their kit as it is a proven deterrent – Cheshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Boycott said of the use of SelectaDNA “We have seen a significant reduction in burglaries”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly does the SelectaDNA Property Marking Solution comprise of?
A. Each pot contains a unique synthetic DNA held in a water-based UV adhesive, containing hundreds of microdots.

Q. Is the DNA safe?
A. Yes, it is environmentally safe and non-toxic. And the patented technology used means it cannot be copied by any third party.

Q. Can I apply the SelectaDNA Property Marking Solution to anything?
A. Anything can be marked except paper and fabric items. The important items to mark are high value electronic items such as computers, mobiles, cameras, televisions, games consoles,etc.

Q. Can I apply the SelectaDNA Property Marking Solution on valuables that are kept outside, such as bikes?
A. Yes, but avoid applying the solution to a surface that will be frequently exposed to direct sunlight. Apply the solutin to the underside of a bike’s frame, for example.

Q. What are microdots?
A. They are tiny pin-head sized flat circular dots which are just 1mm in diameter. Under a microscope you are able to read the unique customer code and database phone number. This allows the Police to be able to identify property 24/7.

Q. What information is held on the microdots?
A. The customers unique selectaDNA registration code, along with our LPS1224 database website address, where the customers details are held. This allows the Police to be able to identify property 24/7.

Q. Is the database totally secure?
A. Yes, it conforms to the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s standards (LPS1224 Issue 3), so it is totally secure and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the Police.

Q. Is there an annual licence fee associated with the database?
A. No, there are no annual charges or renewal fees.

Q. Why should we use the warning labels and window stickers?
A. These act as a superb theft deterrent as they warn thieves, from both inside and outside the building, that items are ‘DNA Protected’. The warning labels are tamper resistant so break up into tiny pieces if removal is attempted.

Q. What happens if I sell or give away a marked item?
A. By logging into your online account via you can list the ‘asset’ and then mark it as sold.

Q. What happens if a thief manages to remove all the Microdots from a stolen item?
A. By applying the solution to grooves, crevices and textured surfaces, a trace of the adhesive (containing both the UV Tracer and DNA) will always be available for forensic analysis.

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