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Informal Meeting Minutes 11 August 2020

Posted in Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes



PRESENT:Claire FarquharsonChairman
Parish CouncillorsCouncillor C Farquharson
Councillor S Langton
Councillor C Hopley
Councillor C Nickson
Non-Parish CouncillorsStacey Rutter
Phil Probin
Andy Champion
Tony Fennell
Present, In Attendance and Absent at Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting


Key points from previous meeting, discussed and updated
Member reviewed draft plan to see direction of plan and actions needed
Member attended meeting with Estate regarding Wildlife and Conservation Survey
Days & Times of MeetingsAgreed that to try where possible to have a specific day and time for meetings, and agreed Tuesday at 7.30pm would be the first option when scheduling any further meetings.
Member provided feedback on meeting with Estate about the valuable wildlife contribution around the park and the large survey that is currently being completed, with aim of December 2020. Further emphasisedMembers discussed and agreed with the community results emphasis on wildlife and conservation, that a survey of this nature is valuable and would like to work with the Estate to be able to utilise the data to support the final neighbourhood plan to show clearer and greater depth that the survey the Steering Group were considering.

ACTION: To email Estate to discuss this further.
Member highlighted draft plan and group discussed information that was needed to support plan from the community to gain further understanding of community views.Members agreed that an additional questionnaire to the community on specific information to assist the plan development was key.
Content to include demographics (due to change since Census 2011, in population), Travel and Transport (vehicles, commute to work, cycling and footpaths), Housing (opinions on nature of developments, locations, affordable housing), Community Facilities (what is used at present, frequency, location and use of a community hall, funding and management, activities), Heritage & Landscape (Character, Special Features and Areas), Local Economy (what businesses are used,)

ACTION: Stacey Rutter & Chris Nickson to lead this and formulate a full questionnaire. Members to contribute to questionnaire or questions that are felt necessary to gain clarification or further information on to assist development of plan.  Email Stacey by 30/09/20.
Stacey to provide a draft questionnaire at meeting on 01/09/20
Questionnaire Distribution
Members discussed distribution and agreed similar format to previous questionnaire
Member agreed that a consistent approach to questionnaire distribution and data collection was important, to be confirmed and discussed at next meeting. Agreed aim to distribute questionnaires in first few weeks of September
Summary of Overall Aims and Vision of PlanACTION: Stacey Rutter to consolidate and propose overall aims and vision of plan
Objectives, Visions, Policies and mapping of Cheshire East Local Plan

Members discussed that needed clarity or further detail within all sections on vision, objectives, policies and mapping to Local Plan.
ACTION:  Specific members to lead sections but opportunity for all steering group members to contribute.  Any member to email relevant lead prior to next meeting with contribution and lead to email Chair prior to next meeting to be able to formulate into full plan.  Chair to email sections to relevant leads to assist formulation.

Proposed Leads:
Housing, Leisure & Community – Chris Nickson, (suggested Rodger Keys)
Travel, Transport – Sarah Langton, (suggested Andy Champion)
Heritage & Wildlife – Stacey Rutter
Rural Economy – Claire Farquharson, Chris Hopley
Land Classification determinationACTION: Chris Nickson 
Settlement Edges / Green Belt
Members discussed 
ACTION: Agreed to return at next meeting to determine further
Historical Topography 
Members discussed utilising historical topography within plan 
ACTION: Chris Nickson to research links prior to next meeting
Members agreed that photos as part of the plan were important
ACTION: All members to consider photos that may be worth adding to plan as an ongoing project at present
Members discussed timeline for plan
Agreed to work towards:
Questionnaires – September
Draft completed – December
Community Consultation – after
Details of Key Discussion Points and Outcomes

Next Meeting: 01/09/20 7.30pm
Venue: TBC

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