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Community Activities During Covid Crisis

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During the recent lockdown, the local community has nonetheless remained active.

Art made by local schoolchildren was used in Thank You NHS signs that were produced and displayed in the area with help and support from the Parish Council and Cholmondeley Estate at:

  • Entrance to Chorley Green Barns
  • Cholmondeley and Chorley Community Noticeboard
  • Dowse Farm
  • Junction of Springe Lane and Wrenbury Road
  • Wrenbury Road Bridge
  • Entrance to Cholmondeley Units
  • Bickerton Hall Road – opposite Shay Lane
Thank you NHS signs featuring art drawn by local children
Thank you NHS signs featuring art drawn by local children

And members of the community have shown off their artisanal skills in producing useful handmade items such as face masks and bags such as these face masks hand made by Lynn Rogers from Chorley:

Facemasks made by Lynn Rogers from White Lodge, Chorley
Facemasks made by Lynn Rogers from Chorley

Meanwhile, meetings of the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan steering Group have continued although these meetings have mostly been held remotely.

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