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Agenda 16 September 2020

Posted in Parish Council Meeting agenda

Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Parish Councillors are summoned to


ACCESS DETAILS: Click the link to join
Enquiries to: Clerk: Carol Jones
Phone: 01270 812065
Signed: Authorised Signature of the Clerk to the CouncilDate of Issue: 11 September 2020
Re-issued: 13 September 2020
Date, Time and Venue of Parish Council Meeting
Notes for Members of the Public:

1. This meeting is being held remotely in accordance with regulations made under S.78 of the Coronavirus Act 2020. There are, therefore, no paper copies of the agenda or the accompanying documents.

2. All documents (other than those which are restricted) can be accessed from the Parish Council’s website –
Notes for Members of the Public



Members to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest or non-pecuniary interest which they have in any item of business on the agenda, the nature of that interest, and in respect of disclosable interests, to leave the meeting prior to the discussion of that item.

Whilst the Clerk can advise on the Code of Conduct and its interpretation, the decision to declare, or not, is the responsibility of the Parish Councillor, based on the particular circumstances.


3.1 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 July 2020. 

3.2 Matters arising not detailed elsewhere on the agenda.

  • Distribution of Selectmark Kits (Minute No.93)

To discuss a plan of action for distribution of the Selectmark kits.


In accordance with the Parish Council’s Standing Orders (i.e. its Constitution) members of the public are able to ask a question of make a statement, both of which must relate to matters with fall within the remit of the Parish Council.

(Public Sector Bodies (Website and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018)

The deadline date for compliance with the Regulations is 23 September 2020, and Councillors Chris Baker and Chris Nickson may be able to report on their mini-audit of the website and appropriate steps to be taken.

After the 23 September 2020, the Parish Council will be required to publish a website accessibility statement setting out that it is fully compliant, but if not, where it is only partially compliant, and to list the non-compliances.

Enforcement is through the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

At the last meeting, the Clerk was asked to review the contract currently held with Coderra.

David Proctor, the owner of Coderra sent the following information to the Clerk and Councillors Chris Baker and Chris Nickson and this indicates that Coderra can continue to host, and Councillors Baker and Nickson can make any changes to the website which they feel are appropriate, and approved by the Parish Council.

The website is built on WordPress which is a content management system. The website is fully the Parish Council’s to do with it how it wishes, whether that is functional, aesthetic or text changes. Admin users are able to change anything on the website from the text, widgets, menus, add/remove plug-ins, change the template etc. A quick look shows that Chris Baker and Carol Jones were both Admins while Chris Nickson was set as an editor. David Proctor has up-graded his access to Admin.

If there is functionality the Parish Council requires on the site which does not currently existing, Admin users have the access to add ‘plugins’ which are coded functions available for free, e.g. one plug-in might offer social icons, another may offer advanced WordPress security. Equally if the Council believes it is time that the website look and feel should be up-dated, Councillors Baker and Nickson have access to update the ‘theme’ which is the template the website runs on.

David Proctor advises that if this is the course of action to be taken, the website should be cloned onto a development domain so that this does not jeopardise (break) anything on the live website.

Mr Proctor has only been hosting for quite sometime now and this includes emails, backing it up, securing it, updating the CMS, SSL certificate renewal, plug-in updates and so on. He has only been adding content on request and has not been involved in the day-to-day running of it.

If the Council wishes to add more functionality to the website and is struggling to see how, he is available by email or phone to guide Members through the process. Equally, with the new website accessibility requirements, if the audit is shared with him, he can advise on how best to tackle those, or do it for the Council.

He is of the view that there are some plug-ins which would solve most of the accessibility issues on the website.


6.1 Authorisation of Payments

The Parish Council is asked to authorise the following payments:

£80.00HRMC – Tax on Clerk’s salary Two quarters
£200.00C M Jones – Net salary for the quarter 1 July – 30 September 2020

6.2 Receipts and Payments Statement – 1 April 2020 –

To receive a receipts and payments statement for the period 1 April – 31 July 2020.

To follow.


The Parish Council is asked to comment on the following planning applications by 30 September 2020.

20/3718NOld Hall, Cholmondeley Park, Cholmondeley SY14 8HB
Landscaping works to the garden surrounding Old Hall, including re-laying of the drive, new hard and soft landscaping, fencing, and the construction of six garden structures: orangery, garden room, timber store, timber garden store, wood store, swimming pool and glass house.
20/3719NOld Hall, Cholmondeley Park, Cholmondeley SY14 8HB
Listed building consent for Landscaping works to the garden surrounding Old Hall, including re-laying of the drive, new hard and soft landscaping, fencing, and the construction of six garden structures: orangery, garden room, timber store, timber garden store, wood store, swimming pool and glass house.
Planning applications 20/3718N and 20/3719N


To receive the following Minutes:

  • Minutes of the Formal Steering Group meeting held on 21 July 2020.
  • Minutes of an Informal Meeting held on 1 September 2020.

The Steering Group held a meeting on 15 September 2020 at which it considered the enclosed questionnaire. Members of the Steering Group will be able to report the outcome to the Parish Council.


Following the Government’s revised regulations, which became law on 14 September 2020, the enclosed information has been downloaded from the website.


To note that Borough Councillor Stan Davies is not able to attend the meeting and has indicated that he will not be attending remote meetings but will resume attendance when face- to-face meetings re-commence.


Further to the discussion at the meeting on 21 July 2020, the requirement for a representative is simply any person in the parish who would be interested in taking on the role, formerly carried out by Roger Blake.

If anyone is interested, the first step would be to provide the name and contact details to the Charity, and the Secretary would then deal with the arrangements.

12  BUDGET 2021-2022

The Parish Council is asked to give initial consideration to budget items for 2021-2022. At the meeting to be held in November 2020, the Council will be asked to approve its budget.


26 November 2020 (subject to the Parish Council’s agreement)

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