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The Council

Town and Parish councils, also known as local councils, form the most local level of government and cover many rural and urban areas. They provide and/or maintain services such as allotments, burial grounds, bridleways, bus shelters, open spaces and public buildings.

Local councils are elected bodies and meet regularly.

More information on local councils can be found in the All About Local Councils guide published by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). Further information can be found on the NALC website.

Chris Crossley 1,3email Chris tbc
Chairman of the Parish Council

Debbie Foulkes4e-mail Debbie
Clerk to the Parish Council

Izzy Cundy (Vice Chair)1,6e-mail Izzy
Tony Fennell 2,6e-mail Tony
Phil Probin1,6e-mail Phil01829 720250 or
07971 088245 (mobile)
Parish Councillors Representing Cholmondeley3
Sarah Aspinall1,6e-mail Sarah
Chris (Kit) Hopley 1,6e-mail Chris
Parish Councillors Representing Chorley

  • 1 Elected to the Parish Council
  • 2 Co-opted to the Parish Council
  • 3 Chris Crossley represents Cholmondeley Parish
  • 4 Clerk to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • 5 Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • 6 Member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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