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Steering Group

A Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was set up following the public meeting on the 10th of April 2018.

The purpose of the Steering Group is to assist in collecting information from the community and to create the draft plan which will then go to consultation.

Claire Farquharson 2e-mail Claire
Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Carol Jones 3e-mail Carol
Clerk to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Christopher (Kit) Hopley 4e-mail Kit
Phil Probin 1e-mail Phil01829 720250 or
07971 088245 (mobile)
Sarah Aspinall 2
Stacey Rutter 2
Izzy Cundy 2
Roger Keys 2e-mail Roger
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group members

  • 1 Parish Councillor
  • 2 Non-Parish Councillor
  • 3 Clerk to the Parish Council
  • 4 Chairman of the Parish Council

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